The film-interview with CG Jung "Jung On Film" can also be seen as Jung explaining "on" the subject film because his theories give insight into how the experience of the cinematic process can be conceived like in the Todeskino concept of death in motion - THANATOKINESIS:

"When you observe the world you see tangible objects, but when you observe yourself within you see moving images. Everything was phantasy to begin with, and phantasy has a proper reality, it is a form of energy. And so the psychic events are facts, realities, and when you observe the stream of images within, you observe an aspect of the world. Of the world within, because the psyche, if you understand it as a phenomenon that takes place in so called living bodies, then it is a quality of matter. As our body consists of matter, we discover that this matter has another aspect, namely a psychical aspect. And so it is simply the world form within, seen from within, it is just as if you were seeing into another aspect of matter." Jung

 "Nobody can say where man ENDS." Jung