Black Leader

Sections of 8mm film (showing the mythical tomb of Homer on Ios, Greece) are transported by bleached and treated black leader material. This projection is recorded and further treated in the digital video editing. The act of pictural or imaginative representation in both analogue and digital media is violated by transgressive, almost „mythical“ forces emerging from a confrontation with materiality and mortality. 

Structural vs. representational film

"In representational films sometimes the image affirms its own presence as image, graphic entity, but most often it serves as vehicle to a photo-recorded event. Traditional and established avant garde film teaches film to be an image, a representing. But film is a real thing and as a real thing it is not imitation. It does not reflect on life, it embodies the life of the mind. It is not a vehicle for ideas or portrayals of emotion outside of its own existence as emoted idea. Film is a variable intensity of light, an internal balance of time, a movement within a given space." Ernie Gehr, 1971