Todeskino at VIDEOEX

"The Lost Works and Masters" is screening at the VIDEOEX Festival Z├╝rich Switzerland

monday and tuesday, 28./29. 5. 2012

the program of the festival

Here again the description of "The Lost Works and Masters" that has been mistranslated so cutely by the videoex festival:
The structures of the human self are breaking at the dike of a fundamental solitude, and the dreams, the ephemeric visions of mind in its corporal mode are nothing but the traces of its broken shells, left behind on the shores of reason. They may be significant products of the unconscious but, what is more important, they are the blind testimonies of the only act that exists in nature, the act of breaking of reality that is the only reality as it appears. The feeling of that singular loneliness is the one desire of the illusive self, its symbolic relativity in a simultaneous space and time, the desert of being.

Todeskino installation at the Museumsquartier Vienna

3 minute edit of "Incorporation de la vue" for an installation with the film class of the Kubelka school for independent film

installed at the Museumsquartier Vienna, EIKON window/quartier21, Electric Avenue

from 9.5. until 29.8. 2012, daily from 10am to 10pm
opening, Tuesday, 8.5. 2012, 7pm