La femme est l'avenir de l'europe

"Il est de la règle que vouloir la mort de l'exception"

Car il y a la regle et il y a l'exception. Il y a la culture, qui est de la regle, il y a l'exception, qui est de l'art.

"Quand il faudra fermer le livre,
ce sera sans regretter rien.
J'ai vu tant de gens si mal vivre,
et tant de gens, mourir si bien."








Digitales Video, bestehend aus nur einem Bild, allerdings unter konstanter Veränderung der Parameter des digitalen Schnitts. Aus dem abstrakten Beginn erhebt sich unmerklich ein konkretes Bild. Reflexion über Zeit, Material in Kunst und Wissenschaft und tiefenpsychologische Probleme des weiblichen Archetyps. Auf der Tonspur der Text eines Zeitungsartikels über ein neurowissenschaftliches Experiment zur Klärung der Gehirnsubstanz zwecks Untersuchung neuronaler „Landkarten“, gelesen von einem Sprachsynthesizer.

 "Cinema is not the reflection of reality, but the reality of that reflection." JLG

Masculin problems with the female archetype, dominion and fascism, lead to a pixel-archeology of the image in the digital era. On the soundtrack a speech synthesizer is reading an article about brain researchers trying to make a mouse brain translucent for microscopic examination. The brain tissue and the vanishing "materiality" of the images are metaferences. The brain appears to be nothing than an image itself, in a vast torrent transgressing our representational conventions.

 "The  research comes to the question of the unconscious, there things become necessarily blurred, because the unconscious is something which is really unconscious." 
Carl Gustav Jung

pas une image juste, juste une image (JLG)

"Le cinéma est une invention sans avenir." Lumière

tous garcons s'appellent patrick
The films of Fritz Lang: allegories of vision and modernity. British Film Institute. 2000. p. 7. ISBN 9780851707426. "Lang, however, immediately cautions Prokosh, 'Jerry, don't forget, the gods have not created men, man has created the gods.' This is more than a simple statement of Feuerbach-like humanism or atheism." 
In a letter from 1905, Bartók wrote, "It is odd that the Bible says, 'God created man,' whereas it is the other way round: man has created God." "Whenever I hear the word culture I bring out my checkbook"
the west is the best,

the west ist the best...

...get here, and we'll do the rest

Mae West
"I have always considered movies evil; the day that cinema was invented was a black day for mankind. Centuries before photographs there were talismans, which actually anticipated photographs...Photography is a blatant attempt to steal the soul." Kenneth Anger

Rosa Luxemburg, Simone de Beauvoir & Emma Goldman lunting (1930ies)
La femme est l'avenir de l'HOMME, l'homme est l'opium de la femme